Data, Consultancy, Training and Integration

Vencore Global Services Company specialises exclusively in providing the most effective voice contact available.

Unlike full service Direct Marketing agencies that offer telemarketing, or telemarketing companies that have diversified into other marketing services, we're completely focussed on one channel - as our clients are happy to say, we're very good at it.

However, we offer a small portfolio of services closely related to our core voice contact offering.

We're able to help our Telemarketing and Research clients in the following areas:

  • Data supply - if you don't have a prospect database or research sample, we can source one for you.
  • Number appending and desk research - we can help to enhance a database to get it ready for telephone research or telemarketing.
  • Consultancy - we can help to build a sales methodology, telemarketing call flow or a CTI survey script.
  • Training - we're happy to share our expertise, helping to bring "in house" teams and field sales people up to speed on telemarketing and telesales best practice
  • System Integration - we have a flexible, industry standard set of platforms and a large in house development team so we can integrate tightly with existing legacy platforms. CRM systems, sales team diaries and system API's.