B2B / B2C Sales Leads for Sales Teams and Marketing Programmes

Even with the rise of social and digital channels, good quality Telemarketing remains supremely effective when producing sales qualified leads. 

Telemarketing is also often a key enabler of integrated campaigns, delivering top of funnel, marketing qualified leads to be fed into marketing automation platforms in order to develop further.

Our sales lead generation services

We back our sales leads up with call recordings, so you and your team know that every opportunity we produce is properly qualified and has the strongest possible chance of converting into a closed sale.

We generate qualified sales leads and marketing leads using our large team of expert, agents (our average agent age is 24). They are trained, fully salaried and have unrivalled experience in B2B / B2C telemarketing.

Employing a solution sales methodology, we engage business decision makers in productive, unscripted conversations, asking open questions, uncovering business pain points, matching benefits and creating need.

We build a pipeline of qualified opportunities; nurturing records from, the first call we make over the course of days, weeks or months to the point where they meet your criteria.  We'll capture the “low hanging fruit“ for you, but we’re also experts at developing longer term opportunities which would be lost without careful nurturing.

Delivering Telemarketing Quality

Badly qualified sales leads are an expensive waste of time for you and your team. We score our leads using the BANT methodology (Budget, Authority, Need and Timescale) with your own criteria to ensure that every sales lead has true potential to convert into business. All sales leads are quality checked using rigorous automated and manual processes including a full call recording review, before they are released to you.

We'll also send you the call recordings with every sales lead that we generate, giving complete transparency. Just as importantly, we also use closed loop feedback to drive continuous improvement, ensuring that structured feedback from you is used to coach our team, producing ever better results.

To find out more about our business sales lead generation services Call (AUS) : +61 3 9015 7783 (US) : +1 773 649 1600 or email us at info@vencoreglobalservices.com .

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